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Geddes Trout Fishery

The Snowball C&R Sunday 28th November 2021

(payment by 31st October)

Please be a fishery for 0830.

Cast off 0900

Reel in 1530

Prize giving 


1. All hooks must be debarbed or barbless

2. Maximum 3 rods set up

3. Move 4 pegs every 30 minutes move on whistle.

4. Maximum 6 fish per peg

5. 2 points first fish, 1 point all other fish. Extra point for 6 fish caught per peg.

6. Maximum 3 flies per cast.

7. Random checks on flies

8. Management has final say.

Payment will secure place.

Payment by 31st October please.

A reseve list will be made as well.

 so the sooner you pay the better. 

Cancalation Full refund up to 7 days before competition, half refund 4 days before competition. 

No refund after this period

Good luck & enjoy!!!!