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Geddes Trout Fishery

Bingo Fishing

Starting April 1st 2022

£5 per entry

1. Turn up at fishery purchase your ticket

2. Pay £5 to get your bingo ticket.

3. Bingo ticket will have 12 random peg numbers.

4. Catch a fish at the 12 pegs on card in that session to win accumulating pot

5. Proof will be a snap shot or video, on your phone with peg number visible and fish in net (date stamp if possible)

6. Fishery will start pot of with £100 and match each entry. 

Snow Ball Winter League October 2022- Final Sunday 5th March 2023

First Prize £1250 (Guaranteed)

Second Prize

Third Prize

Forth Prize

Biggest Bag Prize

Biggest Fish

The League will start on 1st October 2022.

Entry £30 per month including Final or a one of payment of £150 save £30(Payment before 1st October 2022)


1.You must fish once per month(any day). Inform fishery staff your doing winter league.

2. This is a three fish weight in competition. 5 Hour Session.

3. If you cannot fish one month you can fish twice the following month.