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Geddes Trout Fishery

Tag Team Pairs

Tag Team Rules

Names  to fishery ASAP

Please have entry fee paid by Sunday April 18th.

Sunday 2nd May

Please be at fishery for 08.30 latest

Cast off 09.15

All teams will be given peg number before start.


All fish capped at 6LBs

1. Partners will fish alternatively from the same platform.

2. They will only change over when one partner catches, nets and release their fish.

3. Partner must change over after each fish caught.

4. When moving peg partners will change over.

5. Partners can use the same rod as their partner or their own.

6. A maximum of 4 rods only set up between partners.

7. A maximum of 2 fish can be dispatched in the morning session and 2 in the afternoon session.

8. All other fish caught and released will count as 2lb towards total weight.

9. Morning fish must be weighed in at lunch break.

10. Move pegs every 45 Minutes, on the whistle.

11. Management has final say.

First prize £500.00

Second prize £150.00

Third Prize £100.00

Biggest Bag Prize

Best fish of the day

Summer League & Final

You must fish once per calendar month between April 1st 2021 - August 31st 2021

You can fish any day You must start between 9am &10am. Inform fishery staff that you are doing your summer League.

£30.00 per session. 

Final Free

1. 2 Fish to be weight in.

2. Debarbed or barbless hooks only

3. 5 hour session (starting between 9am and 10am)

4. Fish must be weight in at hut.

5. Fish capped at 6LBs

6. If you can not fish one of the months you can fish twice or three times the following month.

If your not sure please ask before fishing.


Scores will be kept by Management

Management has final say.

(Semi Finals If needed 11th /12th September Rules as per Final) Cost £20.00

Rules for Final

Sunday 26th September 2021

Cast off 0900, be at fishery for 0830 latest. 

1. 2 Fish + C&R, each fish caught and released count as 2lbs towards total weight. Fish capped at 6lbs

2. Move pegs every 30 minutes.

3. 3 Rods set up Maximum.

4. Debarbed or barbless hooks only.

First prize £1000.00

Second prize £250.00

Third Prize £100.00

Biggest Bag Prize

Best fish of League

+ A lot more